DAF(Demographics Of African Faculty) Project

DAF (Demographics of African Faculty) seeks to improve the management of faculty resources within the tertiary education system by building and enhancing the capacity for collection, management, analysis, communication, and use of data, as well as to lay the ground for a continental roll-out of the Project.

DAF 2nd Phase for East Africa: It aims to strengthen the ability of higher education stakeholders to plan and implement evidence-informed responses targeted at improving the numbers and nature of quality faculty within Higher Education Institutions in the EAC.

Consortium Members: IUCEA, AAU, ESSA, PRB

Funding from MasterCard Foundation



There is a surge in students attending universities and colleges across sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to population growth, economic development and increased participation rates in education. For universities and colleges to meet this demand, the supply of quality professors, tutors and academics is key.

Education sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA) has been working alongside the Government of Ghana, the Association of African Universities (AAU), the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) and Ghana’s National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to pioneer a pilot study on this topic in Ghana.

This study was supported by funding from the Mastercard Foundation.

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