AAU Regional Offices

The Association of African Universities Regional Offices

The Association of African Universities is establishing regional offices in all the regions of Africa. Scroll to the bottom to see all the Regional Offices and their contacts. This is to help the AAU get closer to its members and increase its impact in the Sub-regions. The regional offices will further present the opportunity for AAU to work collaboratively with its members in finding solutions to issues confronting them, and help respond to the broader mandate of improving higher education quality as recommended by the AU Agenda 2063 and other various strategies.

Broadly, the AAU Regional Offices will be responsible in achieving the following objectives;
  • To facilitate activities of the membership in the sub-regions in relation with the Secretariat;
  • To pursue membership drive in order to increase and improve relations with existing and potential members;
  • To enhance the role of governments at the sub-regional level in supporting the activities of the Association;
  • To strengthen relationships among members and other development partners at the sub-regional levels;
  • To promote knowledge sharing within the sub-region and with the other 4 sub-regions;
  • To improve information sharing within members in the sub-region;
  • To engage in fund-raising and resource mobilisation at the sub-regional level;
  • To encourage active participation of the membership at the Community level;
  • To actively promote collaboration among academia, civil society, private sector and governments at the sub-regional level;
  • To promote collaboration among Centres of Excellence in Africa; and
  • To work collectively with the other regional offices and the AAU Secretariat to support major educational strategies such as the CESA 16-25, STISA, TVET,

Whilst the AAU continuous to reach out to governments and institutions in line with hosting the regional offices, we are through this medium inviting all governments and institutions interested in hosting the regional offices to contact us via secgen@aau.org for further discussions.

List of the Association of African Universities Regional Offices


East African Regional Office

Dr. Faiza Osman
EARO Regional Office Head,
University of Khartoum, Sudan.


North African Regional Office

Prof. Amany El-Sharif
Director of AAU North Africa Regional Office (NARO) ,
Al-Azhar University, Egypt.


Nigerian Country Office

Director of AAU Nigerian Country Office,
Association of Vice Chancellors Nigerian Universities (AVCNU),
Abuja, Nigeria