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One major problem for job seekers is the lack of dedicated venues for disseminating employment openings and calls for applications to apply for open positions. Most job searchers spend numerous hours scouring the internet for work possibilities that they are qualified for.

The Africa Jobs Board is a specific portal designed to address the needs of job searchers in Africa. The platform is regularly updated to guarantee that the most recent Job Application Requests from African Higher Education Institutions are presented together with all relevant information.

The Association of African Universities (AAU), Warwick Employment Group (WEG), and Education Sub Saharan Africa are significant partners in the African Jobs Board Initiative (ESSA). The Jobs Board platform is a stand-alone website designed to help African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with recruitment and academic accessibility. The platform was created in response to the need for such a platform among African Higher Education Institutions and is modelled after the hugely successful

Are you seeking for a Higher Education job in Africa? Do you want to learn more about today’s work requirements? For standalone academic and non-academic employment in universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Africa, go to the African Jobs Board. There are sites dedicated to a variety of career topics, as well as profiles on major African countries, Masters and PhD programs, and much more. There are also areas where people can submit their information, sign up for job alerts, and post job openings for recruitment.


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