Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals

AAU is the apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation among institutions of higher education in Africa. It represents the voice of higher education in Africa on regional and international bodies and supports networking by institutions of higher education in teaching, research, information exchange and dissemination.



To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in Africa and strengthen its contribution to African development by:

  1. Supporting the core functions of higher education institutions (HEIs);
  2. Facilitating and fostering collaboration of African HEIs; and
  3. Providing a platform for discussions on emerging issues


To be the advocate for higher education in Africa, with the capacity to assist its member organizations in meeting national and continental needs



  1. To promote cooperation among higher education institutions in Africa
  2. Collect, classify and disseminate information on higher education and research, particularly in Africa
  3. Facilitate cooperation between its members and the international academic world
  4. Study and publicize and advocate the educational and related needs of African higher education institutions
  5. Facilitate the exchange of information and experience among members of the academic community, and promote best practices.


Our Strategic Goals

  1. Promote and facilitate networking, collaboration and experience sharing in teaching, learning and research;
  2. Improve leadership, institutional management and the policy environment of African higher education;
  3. Empower AAU members to address developmental challenges and become an effective voice in national, continental and global bodies
  4. Facilitate mutually beneficial interaction between member institutions and the external academic and other communities;
  5. Provide effective representation of the African higher education community in regional and international affairs;
  6. Improve the governance and organizational framework of the Association;
  7. Raise efficiency and effectiveness of the Secretariat;
  8. Provide the Secretariat with a secure and adequate resource base for the pursuit of the Association’s goals


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