Senior Management

Prof. Etienne Ehouan EHILE           -            Secretary General

Prof. Jonathan Chucks MBA           -            Director of Research & Academic Planning

Mr. Maxwell AMO-HOYTE              -            Director of Finance

Ms Nodumo DHLAMINI                  -            Director of Knowledge Management & ICT Services


Secretary General's Office 

Ms.  Agnes Adjo Mawuli APEDOE  -           Executive Assistant

Mrs. Yvette QUASHIE                    -           Human Resource and Administrative Officer

Mr. Abraham ANOKYE                  -            Secretary General’s Driver


Project Officers

Mr. Ransford Okwabi BEKOE         -            Ag. Project Officer SHESRA

Mrs. Adeline ADDY                       -            Ag. Project Officer IDRC

Mrs. Gabrielle HANSEN                -             Assistant Project Officer (RENU/HIV)

Dr. Violet Makuku                         -             Project Officer (HAQAA)

Ms. Ruth Issambo Dickson           -            French Translator (Intern)


Communication Services Staff

Mr. Abednego CORLETEY            -             IT Specialist / Procurement Officer

Ms Felicia NKRUMAH                  -             Communications & Public Relations Officer

Mr. Awattey TETTEH                    -             IT Assistant

Ms. Edith LAARI                          -             Receptionist

Ms. Rose NINTIN                         -             Bilingual Secretary (Intern)

Mr. Papa Yaw Mireku-Odei           -          Systems Engineer

Mr. Frank Asefuah                       -             Website Engineer

Mr. Nene Akrobettoe                  -             French Translator (Intern)


Finance Staff

Mr. Paul Yao SOEDZEDE            -             Principal Accounts Officer

Mr. Frank ADJEI                         -             Project Accountant (ACBF)         

Mr. Jonas ADJEI-OKOE              -             Assistant Finance Officer

Mr. Rexford ABOSSEY               -             Assistant Finance Officer


Support Staff

Mr. Benedict OWUSU-ASARE    -             Driver

Mr. Emmanuel TAWIAH              -            Day Security Officer

Mr. Ernest OPARE                     -            Cleaner/ Messenger

Mr. Alex NYANUEKE                  -            Night Security Officer


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