Our Strategy

The AAU’S first Strategic Plan, covering the period 2003-2010, was developed and approved at the COREVIP meeting held in Mauritius in 2003. The formulation of the 2011-2015 plan, through a bottom-up and participatory process provided an opportunity to assess the impact and consolidate the achievements of the initial Strategic Plan. A review of the out-going plan led to the identification of unfinished business and goals and strategies for 2011-2015. AAU is currently in the process of drafting its third strategic plan for 2016-2020.


Funding of the AAU

AAU is funded through:

  1. Membership subscription fees;
  2. Income from services provided and sales of publications;
  3. Subventions from the African Union and African governments;
  4. Grants from development partner agencies;
  5. Capital investment fund and possibly an endowment fund (under consideration).

Useful Downloads

  1. The AAU Strategic Plan for 2011 - 2015
  2. The AAU 2011-2015 Key Result Areas
  3. The Arabic version of the 2011-2015 AAU Strategic Plan
  4. The AAU Core Programme  for 2013-2017
  5. AAU Annual Report


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