Rétention du personnel dans les universités africaines et liens avec la diaspora

The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) has continued its efforts to support education in Africa in a holistic way, starting from early childhood development to higher education.

In 2004, it supported the Association of African Universities to undertake a comprehensive study on higher education innovations in Africa, with specific reference to universities, with a view to identifying their innovation programmes as they attempt to emerge out a long-term financial and related crises.

The Staff Retention and Diaspora Study, commissioned by ADEA’s Working Group on Higher Education (WGHE), is a follow up to the 2004 Innovations Study. It focuses on issues of capacity erosion and strategies for staff retention in a selected number of universities and examines the innovative ways in which these universities are trying to limit the damage caused by brain drain and staff losses.

It looks also at the contribution that developing links with the African Diaspora can make to the minimisation of problems caused by the brain drain. The findings were presented at the ADEA Biennial Conference held in February 2008 in Maputo, where it was also agreed to have a follow-up programme.

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