Transforming Research Universites in Asia and Latin America World Class Worldwide

This jewel of a book provides engaging treatments of the leading issues facing international higher education and research universities.

It will find its way instantly onto graduate reading lists on international higher education and will also be useful to researches ,public policymakers, and university administrations throughout the developing world.

-David E. Bloom, Harvard School of Public Health ,author of Higher Education in Developing Countries: Peril and Promise

Nations with stronger research universities are better able to compete in the international marketplace of ideas and innovation .any country -especially in the developing world–striving to participate in the global knowledge economy must recognize the power of such institutions to transform society. In World Class Worldwide ,analysts from developing and middle -income countries in Asia and Latin America explore their countries ’ specific challenges in providing ‘‘world class ’’ higher education.

Philip G. Altbach ,Jorge Balán ,and their contributors combine current scholarship and practical experience in presenting a comprehensive discussion of the significant issues facing research universities in Mexico ,China, India, and elsewhere .They address the special challenges of establishing and maintaining these institutions; the role of information technology; how research universities train leaders and foster scientific innovation; and the extent to which the private sector can and should be involved in funding and development .

Philip G. Altbach is the Monan Professor of Higher Education and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston college. He is a coeditor of American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century ;Asian Universities ; and In Defense of American Higher Education ,all published by Johns Hopkins .

Jorge Balán served as a senior program officer at the Ford Foundation .he is currently a visiting professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.


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